Fox remote lockout kit

Fox remote lockout kit

fox remote lockout kit

Our system was designed to work with regular front speed shifters, Shimano or Sram, serving as a remote lever. Note: Our system is also compatible with Original fox remote 3 position lever, although more expensive than a front shifter. Our system is probably compatible with levers from other brands, though we don't have a precise list.

If you have a fork with a remote lock-out, you can also couple the FOX X2 shock lock-out with the same lever. Compatible with :. The only way around is to first proceed with an upgrade of your shock by an authorised FOX service in your country with the complete lockout compression cartridge. This is a very difficult work, You should NOT try to do it yourself, and we don't do that either.

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If you take off the top cap only two boltsyou will have easy access to the high-speed compression bolt HSC and low speed compression bolt LSC. The tuning of your shock will be fast and easy, without disconnecting the cable nor the system. The best way to ensure compatibility is to measure your bike and check there is no linkage or frame parts which would touch the system.

Shipping cost are inclued all around the world excepted zone 4. With our system, you can transfer the manual lock-out on the shock to the handlebar, with a remote lever. This system is: - Full CNC. Lock out lever for fox X2 shox.

Coupling your fork lever with our Fox X2 shock lock-out. Compatibility list for FOX X2 lock-out. All models of Fox Float X2 or DHX2 from towith blue lockout lever on the shock are compatible with our remote system. You must try with the shock completely extended as well as fully compressed. Ce site utilise des cookies. This website uses cookies to improve access and the service provided during your visit.This means that the days of easy backward compatibility at least for now are numbered.

Fox Remote Topcap Interface Parts for FIT4 Forks from 2016

From the early days of with the first CTD models, through to the range of FIT4 Performance and Factory level forks and shocks, the 3 positions have been universally understood and were configured as a 3position PTL for remote. The remote levers for 3 positions PTL from Fox or Scott are our fav's, depending on whether the user is controlling fork, shock or both via remote.

For setup of any 3-position 'push to lock' system, the Scott Twinloc lever below works best. For setup of ay current 2-position 'Push to Unlock' system, use the Fox 2-pos lever. For Fox forks with FIT dampers, the conversion to or from remote was and still is relatively simple, involving just a remote specific top cap assembly that can easily be installed by the home mechanic. Grab a remote lever, topcap and clocking tool and away you would go!

fox remote lockout kit

The remote compatibility of these models allowed for users to interchange between remote and 'crown adjust' as required, but also made it simpler for distributors and resellers. There's always a way of overcoming these challenges, however, it can often require extensive service work and parts.

All thanks to a small change in the cable pull distance, direction and ratios. The last thing you want is a fork that locks when the shock unlocks!

This is an internal modification, not a simple 'bolt' on change. Then the result is a fork and shock that works together in a PTU 2 position configuration.

fox remote lockout kit

In order for this combination to work, there are a couple of options. The timeline below shows the year models, and how they were configured. Factory models loose the 'Trail Adjust' function when converting to remote. New damper internals or new damper needed.


Note - Tools required for the conversion. Everything else stays relatively the same. Moving forward into and beyond, the remote interchangeability will be clearer as the 2 position PTU becomes the norm. My Cart. FOX Racing Shox. Suspension blog Team blog. Factory models onwards retain the 'OMAt' function when converting to remote.Designed to be used with any two or three speed front shifter from Shimano or SRAM, the kit will also work with the original Fox 3 position lever.

Lift-MTB mentions it may work with other shifters or levers as well as long as they have a minimum of 8mm of cable pull between open and locked. The system can be installed with the cable pointed to the front or the back to work with different frames. Once installed, the system will cover the High Speed and Low Speed Compression adjustment screw, but they can be reached by removing the top cover which is held on by two small screws.

Because of this, you should still be able to tune the shock without having to remove the entire cable or system. Made from CNC machined aluminum, the system weighs in at 84g without the shifter. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password?

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ALL first-time commenter's posts are held for moderation. Check our Comment Policy for full details. Cancel reply.The new dual stage TWO-IN-ONE remote lever is very light and allows to control the fork and the shock simultaneously from the handlebar and switch between Open, Drive or Lockout mode depending on the riding situation giving the rider full control at all times.

Available for:. Please also check out the information in the User manual. The new single stage TWO-IN-ONE remote lever is very light and allows to control the fork and the shock simultaneously from the handlebar and switch between Open or Lockout mode depending on the riding situation giving the rider full control at all times.

The dual stage remote lever is very light and allows to control the fork or shock from the handlebar. Depending on the terrain you can switch between Open, Drive or Lockout mode and maintain full control in any situation. The single stage remote lever is very light t and allows to control the fork or shock from the handlebar. Depending on the terrain you can switch from Open to Lockout mode and maintain full control in any situation.

In order to give you a better service DT Swiss uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. L forks all O.FREE U. Suspension nowadays can be very confusing, especially with front and rear suspension bikes. So let's break it down and talk about front suspension forks.

There are also some brands that make great upgrades or additions to forks like PushMRP, and Vorsprung. There are a few different categories of suspension forks: short travel forks for XC riding, mid-travel forks for Trail riding, long travel forks for Enduro and Freeriding and dual crown forks for Downhill bikes.

Along with complete suspension forks, there are also upgrade parts, like new dampers and air springs such as: Rockshox Charger2. Once ridden, you will also need service parts, and we offer a full range of service parts for all these brands, like fork sealsoiland rebuild kits to make your suspension feel like new again. Home Menu Search. Continue Shopping Your Cart is Empty.

Shop Watch Read. Change the spring rate of your Fox suspension with Air Volume Spacers. Includes upgraded seal head, Solo Air and damper seals and hardware. The Maxle Stealth offers a light, low profile, tooled alternative to Maxle Lite.

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Overall length: Thread length: 9mm Thread pitch: M15x1. Rockshox Maxle Stealth is a light, low profile alternative to Maxle Lite. Maxle Stealth is 34g lighter than Maxle Lite, installs with a 6mm Allen wrench and is compatible with most frames. The RockShox Recon Silver sets a new benchmark for value-based performance.

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With the Motion Control damper, the Recon Silver is the new standard for fun. Forged, hollow aluminum crown 32mm straight wall steel chassis Motion Control damping featuring low speed compression adjustment. Stem Clamp Diameter A fork with the performance that'll help you beat your riding buddies without beating up your checking account. Sturdy millimeter stanchions, stiff, forged aluminum crown and dependable Solo Airl spring, Recon Silver is just the fork you've been looking for.

Solo Air lets you add air to your forks through a single Schrader valve, filling both the positive and negative air spring chambers simultaneously TurnKey damping - patented blow-off design takes the hit you, absorbing an unexpected hit instantly PopLoc compatible.

SKF's seal kits are constructed of a low friction material that reduces the breakaway force in your shock and allows it to be more reactive. The seal kits consist of two oil seal-dirt scrapers, crush washers and pre-impregnated foam rings The same self-lubricating compound as on SKFs motorcycle fork seals Compound is compatible with a wide range of fork oils and is engineered to withstand cracking from UV light Compared to OEM seals, SKF seals provide reduced friction, longer life and reduced air suction into the forks lower leg assembly.

Item Specifications keyword search lockout. This RockShox axle is a direct replacement for your axle. Just remove the old one and use a 6mm allen to bolt this one back on.Here's why:. A remote ready rear shock takes a specific eyelet that has a special cable 'cam' attached and built into it's casting. These remote ready shocks also have a completely different adjuster shaft that goes into the shock's eyelet body to actuate the rebound and compression adjustments.

Thus, a remote conversion from a non-remote shock involves a reasonably major part replacement and associated service costs. The good news is that most models in the Fox CTD or Fox DPS range of shocks, including the trunnion mount models, can be converted to or from remote with the change of the eyelet assembly, which are to a degree - universal.

The job involves significant tooling and has to be done by an authorized center such as Cyclinic. Once the shock has been converted, all you will need is a lever unit, and currently these are sold in a few options as listed below:.

My Cart. FOX Racing Shox. Suspension blog Team blog. Can I convert my Fox shock to remote? Here's why: A remote ready rear shock takes a specific eyelet that has a special cable 'cam' attached and built into it's casting.

Signup for Email Updates Ignore.Continue Reading Report Abuse Read All Reviews ITS A BUDGET SUV, DRIVE THE COMPETION FIRST I had my vehicle, 2004 4Runner, in the dealer shop and had to rent a car.


The Toyo dealer rented cars and I decide on the RAV4 AWD LE. First thing I did was reduce the tire pressure to the vehicles door jam specification. Here is my take. Its not as quiet as my 2004 4Runner, especially on rough roads. On the Freeway it is quiet, so long as the road surface is good. Seats are comfy but the hip bolstering can make it difficult to get out of the vehicle.

Stereo sounded pretty good at a stop or stop light, but the sound quality goes down hill as the speed increases. Its nimble and the short wheel base takes all of the credit. The MPG was around 24 with lots of city driving, I'm not a lead foot or a grandpa driver. So would I consider this for purchase.

No, the deal breaker is the amount of noise that makes into the car. I'd like to add that on the previous day I had a 2017 Ford Fusion hybrid and that thing was luxury quiet, on any road surface.

I use to have a 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport and that thing was quieter and more fun to drive than the RAV4. So there is my take, good luck with your decision. The drivability of the car is great due to it's 6 speed transmission.

If driven gently mpg are in the 30s. One odd thing we found is the rear seat warning lights were on some days and off on others upon start up.

FOX FLOAT X2 AND DHX2 Remote upgrade

It turns out the lights are triggered by the opening of the back doors so if the doors are opened between having been driven the warning lights come on upon start-up. If the doors had not been opened the lights do not come on. I had to call Toyota, the dealer had no idea how they worked. Report Abuse Read All Reviews consumers review the RAV4 Read what real owners think about the 2017 Toyota RAV4 4. By facing negative reviews head-on and graciously resolving outstanding issues, you lead with customer service.

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